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Being a Scientist at Filton Avenue 

Remembering the impact science has

Science at Filton Avenue is grounded in purpose. Learners are taught that science can be used to make changes and that science has a huge impact on society over time. This progresses from a more simple task of making a hat that can function(What is my hat made of?)to developing an idea, using science, to help the homeless in Year 5 (How can science help the homeless?)

Other enquiries teach the science and then give learners the opportunity to express what they have learnt through a secondary state of being. The Year 1 enquiry, What am I? gives learners the opportunity to compare the physical features of the different animal groups but then leads to expressing these differences through music and dance. The Year 6 enquiry, Linnaeus and Darwin, how are they connected? Gives learners the opportunity to classify animals and plants, to learn about adaptation and evolution but within this create their own herbariums with botanical drawings.

Being a Champion Scientist

National Curriculum coverage linked to our enquiries

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