Governing Body

Local Governing Body  
Member Role Meetings Attended 2018-19
Jane Walton (Chair) Safeguarding; Child Protection; Wider Curriculum 100%
Anne Rutherford Whole school responsibility 100%
Hannah Hughes Inclusion/SEND; E-safety 80%
Dale Cousins Finance 60%
Edel Cronin Pupil Premium 80%
Monica Borska-Ulatowska Health & Safety 40%
Azahar Machwe GDPR; maths curriculum; progress monitoring 60%
Lydia Trapnell TBC NA (from 1 Sept 2019)
Christian Forster TBC NA (from 1 Sept 2019)


Following academisation, the members of the Local Governing Body were appointed as trust sponsored governors by Trust in Learning

Trust in Learning Academies Articles and Memorandum of Association

Please the following link to see details of the Local Governing Body Register of Interests.

Download FAPS Annual Governance Statement Info for Parents 2018-2019