What should I do if my child is running late for school?

Please telephone to let us know before 9.30am. If you arrive after 8.45am please report in at the office to ensure that your child’s attendance is recorded on the register and that a school dinner is ordered for them, if required.

What should I do if my child is unwell?

You should contact us by 9.30am on each day of sickness, to let us know your child is not well.

If my child has any dietary requirements, who should I tell?

We can accommodate any dietary requirements, please tell the school office so that arrangements can be made with Edwards & Ward or BAM Catering Services. Vegetarian and Halal food is available daily.

What will happen if my child is ill at school?

We have trained first aiders at the school, who will assess your child and contact you if necessary. Please make sure that you update any changes to your contact numbers and emergency contacts.

What do I need to do if my child is taking prescribed medication?

You will need to complete a medical indemnity form, which is available from the school office. We can then administer medication for you during the school day. Unfortunately, we are unable to administer any medication that is not prescribed by a medical doctor, but you can arrange to visit the school to give medication yourself.

My child has a serious health problem, how will the school deal with this?

The school will work closely with you and the school nurse and any health professionals involved with your child to draw up a care plan. The staff will also undertake any necessary training to enable them to care for your child during the school day.

If I am running late to pick up my child what should I do?

Please telephone to let us know as soon as possible. Children will be looked after in school and you can pick them up from the late room at Filton Avenue Primary School.

If I want somebody else to pick up my child, should I notify the school?

Yes, please contact the school in advance. Where possible, we prefer to meet the person picking up your child beforehand, to ensure that we are sending your child home with the correct adult.

Can I talk to my child’s class teacher?

Yes, this is welcomed. Mornings are generally busy times getting ready for the school day. Class teachers will be available in the playground at the end of the school day. If you would like to meet with a teacher, please arrange a time with them or contact the school office.

What should I do if I have any concerns about the school or a child?

Please talk to any member of staff. If you feel you can’t talk to a member of staff you can speak to the head teacher at any time, by making an appointment with the school office.

Can my child bring a mobile phone into school?

We do not allow children to have mobile phones in school. If there are exceptional circumstances that mean your child needs to bring their phone to school you should write to the school to explain the reasons and your child will need to hand their phone into the school office every day.

How do I make payments to school?

School dinners are free for Reception and Years 1 & 2. School dinners for Years 3 – 6, school trips, milk and Breakfast and After School Club can be paid through our online payment system, School Gateway. See the link on the school website www.filtonavenue.com

Where can I find lost property?

Lost property is stored in school, please ask your class teacher who will point you in the right direction.