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Empowering all learners to succeed through communication.

At Filton Avenue we aim to equip our learners with the skills to talk and listen effectively to one another. Oracy gives every child the opportunity to find their voice; to articulate  their ideas, thoughts and feelings clearly and coherently and develops understanding. Effective communication helps every child to fulfil their potential and flourish in their school life and beyond, regardless of their background. We endeavour to give every learner, under our provision, this opportunity.

Accreditation Report – Filton Avenue

We are delighted to be selected by Voice 21 as one of its first 7 Oracy Centres of Excellence. This accreditation certifies and celebrates schools that are leading the way in providing a high quality education for their students. Read our accreditation report here.

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The Oracy framework 

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Our Oracy curriculum is underpinned by the Oracy Framework created by Voice 21. The Oracy framework uses four vital strands; physical, linguistic, cognitive and social and emotional. Through a high quality Oracy education, students learn through talk and learn to talk. The use of carefully planned, modelled and scaffolded talk in the classroom heightens subject knowledge and understanding for our learners.

Discussion roles 

Discussion roles are used to facilitate effective discussions within the classroom.

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Sentence stems

Our learners are encouraged to speak in full, coherent sentences when sharing their ideas and using spoken language. We have created a bank of differentiated sentence stems which our learners have access to in their classrooms and are carefully used in teacher’s planning. Please feel free to use these with your children at home.

EYFS Sentence Stems

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KS1 Sentence stems

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KS2 Sentence stems

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