The school has recently celebrated 80 years of history.

old-filton-avenue-children-photo-2It opened in 1931 with 171 children and teachers. The building was extended and completed by 1933 when the school was formally opened as a ‘Sunshine School’.

Dedicated teachers kept the school open all through the 2nd World War, closing only during the Bristol Blitz when the army occupied the building or there was no coal to heat the building.

historyThe logbook entry, June 25th 1940, records: ‘Very small morning attendance due to air-raids on the previous night. Children permitted to come late during the mornings, after broken nights. Daily shelter practices.’

The school still has the original log books that are a daily record taken by the Headteacher of the main events of the day. You are welcome to come and take a look.

In response to the growing demand for local primary school places the school opened a new site in September 2012, to take an additional 30 pupils to a specially converted wing of Orchard School Bristol. Unfortunately, due to falling pupil numbers in North Bristol our Orchard Campus closed in July 2022 – all our pupils and families are now based at the Lockleaze Road site.

The Governing bodies of the Infant & Junior School agreed that from September 2015 the Schools should merge to become Filton Avenue Primary School. From this point the school has gone from strength to strength.