Year 6 Macbeth Performance

Last week, three performers from The Tobacco Factory visited Year 6 to help us explore and perform parts of Macbeth.

The day started with a discussion of the three main characters in the play before each class focused on one of them for the day. Through the workshops, the classes developed a far greater understanding of the motivations of the characters. At the end of the day, all of the classes performed a short piece that they had created in the day.




Year 6 News

Cake Sale 

At the end of last term, members of year 6 organised a cake sale for charity. It was a huge success and over £150 was raised for Cancer Research UK and Shelter. A massive thank you to the organisers and to all the children and parents that donated cakes to these worthy causes.


As part of our learning about Macbeth, ‘Three Witches’ who were happy to speak about their evil incantations and cruel sacrifices visited the year 6 children. It was a wonderful chance for the children to immerse themselves before writing their reports on the life of a witch before we start to cover the themes of the classic Shakespearian play.

Year 6 Revision 

The year 6 children are continuing to work hard this year with an incredible turnout at the after school home learning clubs. It is also fantastic to see so many revision packs being brought back in every week.

There is a huge amount of positivity in the year group, which is a credit to the children and their parents and carers.