Being an Engineer at Filton Avenue

Incorporating engineering

There are enquiries that have being an Engineer as the lead state of being and many more where it is a second state. The reason for this is that engineering can be the vehicle for other states of being. An example of this is the Year 4 enquiry, What’s the difference between noise and sound? For this enquiry learners are Scientists, investigating sound. Within this, they become Engineers through designing a musical instrument. They engage in the design process, making adaptations, making and evaluating their design whilst still working as Scientists to understand the science behind it. Our enquiries cover all areas of Design and Technology, from cooking and nutrition, to mechanical and electrical systems and structures. This can be seen in our National Curriculum coverage document below. Even though learners do use computers and technology within their main enquiries, we have also supplemented this with our Curious Computing curriculum. Information on this can be found in “Being a Digital Engineer”.

Being a Champion Engineer

National Curriculum coverage linked to our enquiries

Being a Engineer newsletter (to follow)

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