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Being an Author-Writer at Filton Avenue 

We promote high standards of language and literacy by equipping learners with a strong command of spoken and written language. We believe that by empowering them to communicate their own ideas and emotions to others, orally and in writing, and by enabling them to better understand the world around them, through reading and listening we are giving them the essential tools to participate fully in society.

We centre Author-Writer lessons on class texts to ensure exposure to a wide range of authors and genres across the school. In fiction writing, we focus each unit of work on one or two compositional strands of narrative: character, setting, action or suspense, as well as grammatical skills. For non-fiction writing, we follow the Non-Fiction Progression framework which ensures each text type builds until it is mastered in a particular year group. From that point on, the text type is then revisited in subsequent years, either in Writing or Enquiry sessions.

Spelling is taught in separate sessions, following a spelling programme written by Filton Avenue staff. The programme is cyclical and ensures all objectives from the National Curriculum are covered. Handwriting is taught using the Penpals letter formation.

Being a Champion Author-Writer (to follow)

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