Being an Artist at Filton Avenue 

Being inspired through art

Each year group has an enquiry where being an Artist is the lead state of being. In addition, there are other enquiries through the year that have being an Artist as a secondary state. This means that learners might be Scientists whilst using art to express their learning.

Where does the darkness come from?

Is a Year 3 enquiry where learners are predominately scientists learning and experimenting with light. Within the enquiry, as Scientists, children will carry out experiments on light and dark. This is then showcased with them being Artists, creating shadow puppets.

What is creativity?

Is a Year 4 enquiry where being an Artist is the lead state of being. Here they research a particular style of art and think about the key skills of drawing, painting or sculpture. They focus on a selected art form and practise these skills, creating their own series of sketches. This is taught over a series of lessons and they focus on improving their skills. They consider what creativity is outside of art and think about what it means to be creative.

Being a Champion Artist

National Curriculum coverage linked to our enquiries

Being an Artist newsletter (to follow)

If you want to be an Artist at home, try looking at these websites: