Digital Engineer

Being a Digital Engineer at Filton Avenue 

Being curious about Computing

There are opportunities through our Curious City enquiries for children to be Digital Engineers and practise their computing skills.  Computing is also taught through Curious Computing. These are smaller enquiries that follow the same model of Immerse, Engage, Practice and Apply. Where they can, they also support the main enquiry and we plot these enquiries to run alongside where possible.

Online Safety is taught separately. It is taught discretely at the beginning of each school year and then revisited throughout the year. This may be through assemblies, learning in class and through external visitors.

Being a Champion Digital Engineer

National Curriculum coverage linked to our enquiries

Being a Digital Engineer newsletter (to follow)

If you want to be a Digital Engineer at home, try looking at these websites:

 Free apps: 

  • Beebot 
  • Daisy the dinosaur 
  • Kodable 
  • Hopscotch 
  • ScratchJr 
  • Stop motion studio