Year 5 China WOW day

Year 5’s China WOW day involved  calligraphy, cooking and arts and crafts!

Year 5 Charity Fundraising

Year 5 pupils organised a fundraising event to raise money for Save the Children. They ran a lucky dip, a book sale, a toy sale and a cake sale and raise a brilliant total of £111.94.


Year 5 visit the Science Show

The Science Show at OSB was about states of matter and children observed fantastic experiments involving Nitrogen and Dry Ice.


Year 5 Art Project at Field House

A group of children in year five have been creating art with residents of Field House. Through a charity called Alive, which focuses upon building links between the elderly and the young in local communities, our year fives have been writing and receiving letters and post cards from the residents of Field House. All of those involved with the art project had a really enjoyable afternoon and are looking forwards to the next visit in term 4.


Year 5 Trip

Year 5 have written their own blogs about their trip to @Bristol this week. Click on the pictures to read about their experiences.

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