Year 4 Evacuation Day


Year 4’s Evacuation Day was a great success, enabling the children to experience how it felt to be an evacuee. From arriving at school with identity cards and suitcases packed, to hiding under tables during the air-raid, then lining up in the hall whilst being inspected and hopefully picked by a kindly teacher, to completing a variety of chores, all the children were fully engaged in the day. Classes also took part in 1940’s style P.E. and solved ‘morse code maths’. The wow day has impacted on our writing and there will be some outstanding newspaper reports ‘Pobbled’ this week.

Year 4 Enabling Enterprise Challenge to design ‘Future Transport’

Last week Year 4 took part in an Enabling Enterprise Challenge Day. Our project was called ‘Future Transport’ and our challenge was to research, design, create and evaluate our own futuristic transport hybrids! The aim of the day was to develop eight skills which enable children to work together, solve problems and stay positive. These skills strongly link to our school values and will help Year 4 be prepared for the next years in school and their adult futures, whatever they may be. We were very proud of all the children who improved their leadership skills and ability to solve problems. Although the finished product was less important than the process, we were also impressed by the models created. We had ‘hover trains’ that could carry passengers safely over sand and ice terrain, ‘escape pods’ and aero – rockets to fly high over jungles and city-scapes, to name just a few.


Year 3 Enabling Enterprise Day

Year 3 enjoyed their Enabling Enterprise project day on Friday when they had the chance to practise their communication and teamwork skills. Their task was to design a Utopian city.


Year 2 News

Since coming back after the Easter holidays, Year 2 have been very busy! We kick started our topic (George’s Marvellous Medicine) with a WOW day. We created our own potion bottles and explored using watercolour paints, enjoyed reading the beginning of the story and explored some crazy chemical reactions! Our favourite parts of the day were watching the Mentos and Coke explosion, and investigating how to blow up a balloon using just the gas created from bicarbonate of soda and vinegar!

The following week, we continued on the Science theme by visiting ‘We the Curious’ – a huge Scientific exploratory centre. The day was topped off by a ‘splash and bubble show’. The children LOVED seeing a hydrogen bubble being set alight! In writing, we started to explore poetry and created our own ingredients poem. We tried hard to use features such as alliteration, the power of 3 and rhyming.

Lots of children have been bringing in some great homework. Some children in 2B have created their own marvellous potions (with parent permission, of course!) We’ve had concoctions such as unicorn fizz , rainbow pop and fire formula!


Roman Visitor in Year 3

Year 3 enjoyed a wonderful talk from Ben Kane, a novelist specialising in historical fiction, who came dressed as a Roman. We learnt lots about Roman life and had the chance to try on a Roman helmet, shield and mail shirt!

Year 6 Impress with their learning efforts

The effort that the Year 6’s are putting into their learning is impressive to see. We have had many pupils attending home learning club and making sure that they are being the best they can be. There have also been pupils taking home extra work so that they can both consolidate and deepen their understanding of concepts learnt in class. It is a real credit to the groups endeavour and aspiration as well as the support of the parents.

Year 4 Reading Gladiators

Reading Gladiators from 4B and 4W have been exploring their new book, ‘The Boy, The Bird and The Coffin Maker’ by Matilda Woods, through illustration. We asked ourselves the questions: who might these characters be and where are they going? Where have they been and what are they searching for? We imitated the illustrations with our own paintings. What do you think?

Year 5 China WOW day

Year 5’s China WOW day involved  calligraphy, cooking and arts and crafts!

Year 3 Roman WOW Day

We enjoyed our Roman WOW day with a Roman costume fashion parade, Roman mosaics, sketching Roman artefacts and learning a song about the Romans.

Tear Thief Artwork

Our topic this term has been ‘Where would you catch a tear thief?’ The focus has been on narrative writing and explanation texts. Everyone has produced wonderful artwork and writing over the past few weeks which we wanted to share: