We want all adults and children to participate in learning and we celebrate all members of our community. We have an inclusive culture in our school and we respond to the diversity of children’s backgrounds, interests, experience, knowledge and skills in tailoring a individual learning experience for all pupils attending the school. We value high quality teaching for all learners and actively monitor teaching and learning in the school.

We aim to create learning environments which is flexible enough to meet the needs of all members of our school community. We monitor progress of all learners, and staff continually assess ensuring that progress is being made.  Our whole school system for monitoring progress includes regular pupil progress meetings, where staff account for the achievement of each individual in their class.

We have two Inclusion Managers who can be contacted at any time if you have any specifics questions or educational needs for your child. Cheryl Jeans has a focus on pupils in Key Stage 1, and Ros Smith ensures the educational needs of those in Key Stage 2. If you would like to speak to either of them please contact the school directly to arrange an appointment.

To find out more about how Special Educational Needs is managed and monitored please read the SEND Report in the download section of this page.