Parent Questionnaire 2017

What you say we are doing well

You consistently praised the staff, stating that they are: brilliant, incredible, positive, friendly, approachable, understanding, welcoming, enthusiastic, responsive and supportive; create a great environment for the children; encourage good behaviour; really know our children well; have high expectations. You have also complimented them on how they have supported you and your children with particular situations and needs, as well that they put great energy and enthusiasm into after school activities and school events.

You made regular mention of how happy, interested and enthusiastic your children are at Filton Avenue Primary School, of the excellent progress they are making and of the high quality, fun and engaging, curriculum that helps them to do this. The breadth, depth and balance of learning is another aspect of the school that you are pleased with, stating that topics, activities and subjects covered are fantastic; as are the range/quality of trips and after-school clubs.

The inclusive ethos of the school was widely praised, alongside the promotion of respect for all, through embracing differences in culture and values. The strong sense of ambition about all school activities was also highlighted, along with our involvement in the local community. The nurturing, caring approach to emotional needs was mentioned by a large number of you as playing a key role in the development of your children, emotionally and socially, as well as academically.

You state that communication has improved, again, and that the school is very receptive to parents and the views/concerns. A key aspect of this, for you, is about the comprehensive feedback you receive on learning needs and developing/extending your children, and that you are given many opportunities to discuss progress outside of parent consultations. Open Weeks have given you the (well-received) opportunity to come in to school and ‘witness the fantastic teaching and learning’. Diary Dates are published at the start of each term, providing plenty of notice for upcoming events.

Arguably, the highest compliment that you can give us is, that you would highly recommend the school to everyone.

What you say we could improve on


Although a large majority of you felt that behaviour at Filton Avenue Primary was/is good, there are a number of you who disagree with this. Behaviour in the playground is mentioned by a few respondents and we are planning some major changes that will have a positive impact on this.


Also now seen as a strength, Communication is still something that we’re looking to improve. Some of you feel it’s too frequent, while others want more; naturally, we are striving to get this balance right

You would like the opportunity to meet the teacher at the beginning of the school year; as with last year, a Meet the Teacher event will happen for each year group at the start of the academic year.

You would like more opportunities to discuss your children’s progress; please make an appointment with their class teacher, at any point during the school year, if you wish to discuss their progress and attainment. You would like more opportunities to see children’s learning showcased.

Your child’s education needs

The outdoor play areas are a source of frustration for a number of you; at Orchard Campus, this is an on-going issue that due to the difficulties with BAM we are addressing independently; at Lockleaze Road, the development of the Phase 2 and 3 playgrounds are part of the long-term plan that began with the Phase 1 playground, last year.

For some of you the school doesn’t offer enough off-site visits, including Forest School

Other areas identified through the survey

School lunches are an aspect of school that you feel could be improved. The contract with our current supplier finishes on 30th October so look our for the new menu.

You would like to know more about the governors and what they do

What we have planned for this year and beyond

  1. There have been many changes over the last two years, as has been required to ensure that the new primary school performs to its potential. These changes are aimed at bringing excellence across the whole school that is consistent and sustainable, and so in many cases this next year is about fully embedding the changes we have already made. Which is not to say, however, that we won’t be undertaking some major projects and initiatives in the coming year, to address other key areas of the school’s development plan.We are investing in a programme called OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning) that will support us in transforming how our pupils use the time they spend in the playground every day. 20% of a child’s time at school is spent outside of the classroom, and working alongside this organisation we have created a team of parents, governors, teaching assistants, teachers and school leaders to look at how this time can be improved. More information on this will follow in the new school year.
  2. The further development of our behaviour policy will support us in improving behaviour across the school. The system is being tightened up, which will support teachers and TAs inside and outside of the classroom. We have also spent considerable time talking to the pupils about this subject and will be implementing some major changes to reward positive behaviour. Again, more detailed information is being published as soon as the term starts and we are hoping to see you all at the meetings planned for early September.
  3. School dinners – as mentioned above, a new supplier will be providing school lunches from November onwards, so keep an eye out for information and events
  4. We are having a brand new Dining Hall built, due to be open in February 2018
  5. Naturally, we work closely with our governing body; they are a critical friend to the school and provide support and challenge in equal measure. Last year we changed how the Children and their Learning Committee operate and this year we are looking to further embed these changes. We will be writing to you in the new year to explain how the governing body operates as a whole, including its committees, and then throughout the year we’ll be providing you with information on the findings and impact of the Children and their Learning Committee. We are looking for new parent/carer governors, so if you’re interested please let us know.
  6. Two years we made some big changes to our mathematics curriculum and this year sees further developments to the curriculum. We are going to be using the White Rose curriculum, which is a ‘mastery’ curriculum and is supported by the NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics). This new curriculum will raise levels of achievement in maths, and to increase appreciation of the power and wonder of maths, across the school.

What your children say about School

We have also asked your children a number of questions about their own school experiences. Some of their answers can be found below. As you can see they also think very highly of the school and its staff. The percentage in brackets refers to the change from last year.

– 97% (+1%) said ‘I feel happy at school’
– 97% (+2%) said ‘Learning at school is interesting and fun’
– 96% (+1%) said ‘Learning is challenging and makes me think’
– 96% (+1%) said ‘I feel safe when I’m in school’
– 94% (+/-0%) said ‘Behaviour is good at my school’
– 98% (+2%) said ‘Adults listen to me and care about me’
– 93% (+/-0%) said ‘I know how well I’m doing at school’
– 97% (+1%) said ‘Adults help me to improve my learning’
– 95% (+/-0%) said ‘Feedback tells me what I’ve done well and how to improve my learning’

Naturally we aspire to having 100% positive responses to all these questions and will continue to strive to achieve this goal.