Explicit Curriculum


What is enquiry-based learning at Filton Avenue Primary School?

Our enquiry curriculum enables our learners to become curious about the local world around them. Using the Curious City Framework by Lighting Up Learning as a starting point, we can teach the National Curriculum through a content that is centered around Bristol. This gives learners a valuable context to their learning that they can relate to and then gives them the tools to look outward towards the world around them. We find that this approach, streamlines, aligns and ensures everything we do is purposeful, progressive and immersive with local places, people and stories.

What is enquiry led learning?

In a nutshell, enquiry-led learning provokes learners with key questions too big to answer in one go, but not so conceptually large that they cannot understand. The purpose is to guide learners through a scaffolded process, where they engage, immerse, practice and finally challenge themselves to answer the big question with a piece of writing, performance or animation, for example. Through this process learners develop both the skills and knowledge they need in order to answer the big question, and through the practice section, they are given the time and space that they need to apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired. Within each enquiry, oracy skills are taught systematically, following the Voice 21 progression and oracy framework. Learners then practice these skills and apply them within the context of their enquiry learning. 

The usual Author (English) and Mathematicians (Maths) teaching sequences continue. Details of these teaching sequences can be found in the Author-Reader, Author-Writer and Mathematician section.
National Curriculum subject objectives from Science, History, Geography, Art and Design, Design and Technology, Music are woven throughout enquiries as seen on the Whole School Enquiries Map. Some subjects (renamed using the States of Being) are taught discreetly, such as Foreign Languages (Curious Linguists), Computing (Curious Computing), Physical Education (Real PE), Religious Education (Discovery RE) and PSHE (Jigsaw). Where possible, learning is still taught through an enquiry approach and links are made, but more often than not, they are stand-alone experiences. 

Core Principles

States of Being

Lighting Up Learning